Darbie angell

A Confident Girl Entertaining With Style and Consumed with Wanderlust.

My knowledge is design, but my designs wouldn't have gone anywhere without the passion I get from the people around me.


I started my company without a single contact in the industry. I was working at one of the country’s largest law firms and went into labor with my daughter when I was five months pregnant. I was put on bed rest for four months and decided I wanted to start a company by combining my passion to Impact the world with my knowledge in design.  That bold step to live fully is what led me to create this company which has become my life’s work.

With zero capital to put towards the brand, I found a man in Israel that sold me diamonds at cost then turned around and sold them to women around the World. This allowed me to create my first product samples and attend my first meetings in New York with Macy’s. We are blessed to be in retailers such as Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s as well as smaller home stores and boutiques.

Since then it has been an amazing journey of living boldly, pushing myself through obstacles and passionately working to make an Impact in the world. It’s hard to narrow down just one thing that inspires me to keep going. As a mother of two girls, my first priority is showing them they can do anything they dream of and to always be passionate about what they are doing in life.

Additionally, my interactions with people I have met traveling the world are what have inspired me to give back. I don’t go a single day without thinking about the life changing sites I have seen and cultures I have been immersed in. I look at every moment as an opportunity to create, inspire and explore and the culture of my company embraces each opportunity it drives me to go the extra mile to not only make luxurious pieces, but to promote change.  

We hope to inspire you to join our journey!  

Darbie Angell 

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Behind The Brand
Darbie Angell
You want to travel with me to ancient lands? Are you ready to be consumed with wanderlust? The journey starts here. It’s time to go! You know that unbeaten path? You will be the one to blaze it. But first, the way up starts with down. Your feet will get muddy and your hands dirty. You might get stuck, you may ache from the pain of the journey. But in that mud and dust you rise up and become stronger because you are not alone. To those who create beauty that heals, restores and revives. Who stood up to fear. Who pushed against the status quo. Who devoured boredom with that second helping. You have little use for mediocrity. And you find magic in the most uncommon places. Because your gaze is as uncommon as they come.
You are strong, brilliant, and fortified by fire. You are beauty! I’m Darbie Angell and I would love for you to come and sit at my table. Let me toast to You as we Welcome you to the family! This is the soul of my company and I want to acknowledge you because as you drink your coffee from our mug this morning… when with love you set your table with our plates to create a meaningful moment or place flowers in our vase to brighten your room….You are contributing to empowering woman all over the world one plate at a time. Thank you for bringing the passion and the magic to your home! Xoxo, Darbie Angell xoxo Darbie Angell