Your Opinion MATTERS.



Don't you dare ever step back. 

Don't you dare ever think "I am unworthy."

Don't you dare ever invalidate your thoughts.


You matter. Your opinions ARE IMPORTANT. Your thoughts, input, advice and perspective can make a positive impact. You are absolutely worthy no matter who you are. 

Don't ever stop yourself from following your heart because you feel "under qualified" for something. You are uniquely you, and your ideas will reflect that when you are true to yourself. That is something incredibly beautiful that each of us has within ourselves. 


Nobody has seen what you have seen. Your life and all your experiences have sculpted you into the beautiful individual you are today. The way you think and HOW you function is INCREDIBLE because absolutely nobody else in this world will be able to do what YOU and YOU ALONE can do. 


So speak up. Stand up for yourself and your ideas. They are valuable, because you have a lot to offer. You are worthy of being heard. 


You don't have to have to be an expert in something to contribute. Your thoughts and efforts are precious. Coming into this industry, I had no formal training in technical design skills or business. I didn't have a college degree either. 



What I did have was drive and grit. I was passionate about creating my designs, so I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and made my way into this industry. It's not easy. It never is. But by believing in myself and sharing my talents, I was able to create this empire and to impact the world around me. 

Certificates, training, and qualifications can't take you through the journey. The only thing that can take you through your journey is yourself. Your own two feet, your unique thoughts and ideas, and your voice. 


Needless to say, YOU CAN. You can do anything you set your mind to. If you want to make something, you have the ability to build it. 

You are valuable. Never doubt that.


I believe in you, and so should you.


XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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