You have no reason NOT TO!!!!

Mmkay ladies, we need to chat.


You were made for AMAZING things. I mean it. You are a beautiful creation gifted to this world by God, and he has great plans for you. You are strong, capable, worthy....


And I know you have a dream. Inside EVERY individual is some kind of dream or vision. 

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Pursue a degree? Take up a new career path? Live that life you've dreamt of since you were a little girl?


I want you to take a breath and meditate on your vision.... What do you truly want?



I'll say it again... What do YOU truly want?



It's hard to juggle with families, jobs, friends, and a thousand "to-do list" type things that you have to manage every day, but I want you to think about it deeply. Are you genuinely happy with where you are in life?



If the answer is yes, then girl I am SO proud of you. That's hard to find, and I want you to shine bright and keep shining to inspire everyone around you to take up the reigns and follow you!


... But if there's still a lingering feeling of longing... Come journey with me.



There was a constant aching in the back of my mind since I was little. I wanted to do something more with my life. I wanted to design, to build, to lead, to

T H R I V E.


When I was on bedrest after going into early labor with my first, it hit me all the sudden like a train y'all.

Her little heartbeat, her tiny hands, the helplessness of a baby shocked me. This tiny unborn child would soon be in my arms, looking up to me for guidance for the rest of her life. And here I was, going through the motions of life.

She was going to rely on me for everything... Including her vision for herself. Who she saw herself as, who she will believe she can be, and who she will become.


That's what got me. 

 That's when I realized that I needed to get in the driver's seat of my own life, and take off! I needed to run after my dreams and blaze the trail of daring adventure and embracing opportunities and risks to show my girls that they too can dream, and they too can impact the world.


So I started. I took the first step, not knowing where it would take me or where I would go, and I fell. I fell over and over again, failing in SO many areas because I was so new to this life I set out for.

But I had nothing to lose. If I looked back, all that remained was comfort in a familiar life, and discontentment in myself and fear that my daughter would live in the same way...


I won't sugar coat. My journey was NOT easy by any means. But it took me to places I had never dreamt of before. 


This is where I want you to come in. The adventure is wild, and you'll learn things and see things you could have never imagined. Beauty beyond words, excitement that can't be contained, lessons that make you grow in ways you didn't even know you could grow in.

So, why hold back? I know you have a dream tucked away somewhere in that beautiful brain of yours. You have nothing to lose. Even the failures that lie ahead can't stop you unless you let them stop you.


You have no reason NOT to!!!!


So think about your life. Where are you at now? Where do you want to go? Make a plan to get there, and NEVER EVER EVERRRRR look back. 


Trust me.


The journey is worth it.






Darbie Angell

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