You Have a Voice. Be a Positive Force.

I am constantly surrounded by those who say they either don't have time, wouldn't know how to do something, or worse, say that it is impossible...the list goes on. There are so many excuses about making a change in the world.

I am here to tell you I am just a normal girl and it is so much easier than you think to have a positive impact!!!




I believe we are each shown things on a daily basis and its up to us to take the time/risk to get involved. This week watch.  Instead of running away from something that is unfamiliar run towards it! 


You just might be surprised with what you are capable of!!! Be a voice for those that need it! No matter how weak you think you may be and unable to make a difference there are so many that have less of a voice and need a stronger arm to help them up! 

Let me know how it goes when you run towards the scary this week!!!



Darbie Angell

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