Why I hire Bangladeshi Women

So when I first started, I found a factory in Bangladesh that could hand mold my dreams into reality... I never realized that factory would bring me to this lifelong journey of empowering women.


Knowing me of course, I had to SEE it all to make things happen. 

WELL. I did that. I flew overseas. And the result totally shocked me.


I had seen sights of suffering that nobody in the US would ever see. Girls crying over their dead mothers on the streets, young girls forced out of schools... Tragedies struck every ounce of sunlight in the rural village I visited. 


That's when I came to the factory and faced a truth that I could control directly. In the entire factory, only 3% of the workers were women. 


So why is this such a big deal????


In third world countries, small steps in providing education and jobs to women is VITAL to women's rights, maternal health, and raising children. Here's what I mean by all this...


Generally in countries dictated by rigid gender discrimination, women aren't allowed to have any say in how the family uses money. They aren't expected to bring in any form of income because they are expected to stay at home and simply do what their husbands tell them to do. This keeps women's voices quiet, because SO many decisions taken away from them. The consequences for fighting this oppression can be deadly. 


But how can providing education and jobs to women stop this???


Women who are able to bring in an income to their families are relied upon to decide where their money goes. These women become respected in time because of their financial contribution to their families. 



In time, they can spend it on vital things, like proper maternal care, and safer living conditions. That's amazing!!!

Of course this gives these women voices in their own homes, and that extends into the communities!!! This means women can team together to bring large scale social change in these countries where women have been abused for such a long time. 



And what moves my heart the most is that mothers in these communities are able to extend their ability to fight for themselves to their daughters, impacting MULTIPLE generations, giving mothers and daughters a chance to dream big. 



Without empowering women through their careers, many women are left to their own devices in abusive child marriages, unhealthy adolescent prenancies, and even giving birth without the help of a trained professional of any kind (yep, that means absolutely NO restraints on labor pains too). 

Here's a few quick facts at a glance...



That to me is utterly horrifying that HUGE numbers of our population are living life in this way... It's an unending nightmare, and these women are so oppressed that they don't have anyone to hear their cries. 

We can't let these voices be unheard. As women, we need to raise up other women and give them the strength to find their own voices.


That's what this is all about.


I founded my company so that I could show my daughters that they could dream big, and I stand by my initial mission as we spread out wings to women around the world. 

This is why I hire women... so that each woman can find her own voice. 



Stand with me. Travel to places far and wide to impact the hearts of women and their daughters everywhere.



Darbie Angell


Nov 20, 2018

Very few people think and understand the way you did. You are a perfect example of apathy. I am impressed and touched by your writings, dedication, feelings and zeal for them (the unheard voices). May God bless you abundantly and gives you strength to keep up your good work.

Albert Samir Reberio
Nov 17, 2018

Thank you for your very important work of empowering women. You are truly making a difference. On a smaller scale I my self am a teacher, my youngest daughter is a very successful make-up artist another one is a social worker. My youngest grand-daughter works for the Humane Society and my oldest grand-daughter is a doula in New York and hopes to make herself available to women in need who can’t afford her services for such an important event as birth and I am in the parent education field. So we are a family of women helping and supporting good causes .

Linda Baca

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