What to do with a Connex full of Coffee Presses

Up early to make meetings this afternoon in ATX. Love my home away from home here in NYC and can't wait to be back in the city soon!


Thankfully I don't require a lot of sleep and I truly believe it's because I have so much PASSION (I mean it deserves all caps) for what I do. Most days I can't wait for the sun to rise so I can get back at it.

When I first started I actually bought a connex... Actually I should explain what that is...You know the large metal containers that Freight Ships bring in or the metal containers that you see on trains. YEP those make me happy because when they are coming in that means we are selling large quantities.

So back to the story. I brought in a connex of Coffee Presses 😂 I quickly found out most boutiques didn't have the floor space/storage space to hold more than a few boxes. Being very sales driven, I wanted to move more product than 3 to 5 boxes in a Product Order.

So, what is a girl to do with a connex of Coffee Presses!? I kid you not, I called Spec's Liquor and arranged a meeting with the buyer.

Looking back on it, I had no doubt when I left there I was going to have a PO. The only question was, can I sell half a connex or more? Which is insane to have expected anything other then keep at it or let's reconnect next year when you have a liquor product!!!!

Good news for me...I got the whole connex sold! I mean, it makes total sense to buy a coffee product at a Liquor Store. I guess we could have repackaged it as a Wine Press... But thankfully that concern didn't come up. Someone did mention that they thought I may have a future in selling underwear to a nudist colony!

And that is when I had no doubt I was an extremely sales driven CEO with a creative pulse. It's a strange combination!!!!!

So I say all of this to encourage you to really take a look at what drives you. What are you passionate about and put it to work in your life instead of trying to push it aside! It's what makes you unique so make it work for you!

Message me your stories of when you had a moment in your life you realized...WOW...this is what I am meant to do!!!




Darbie Angell

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