The B E S T advice comes from friends that genuinely care about you! So Listen ;)

I am blessed to be surrounded by people that have sharpened me in business and just as importantly in my personal life!  I was recently asked what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given.  This is a hard one!!!  There have been so many things I have been blessed to learn from extremely talented executives and friends.  However, the best piece of advice was in regard to taking care of myself!  

When he was still cool enough to live in Austin...I would meet Bradley McBride at our favorite local coffee shop Monkey's Nest.  One afternoon I met him to catch up and after about 30 minutes I got so light headed I almost fainted.  I realized at that point I had been running so hard all day that I hadn't taken the time to stop and eat breakfast and my meetings had lasted longer than expected so I didn't get lunch and it was almost time to wrap it up for dinner.  

He is ALWAYS light hearted but looked at me in a more stern way and said you have to start taking better care of yourself.  You aren't invincible and your company won't succeed with you running like this either.  He was right!  I had been running myself ragged making sure every second was pushing forward and had been neglecting myself.  

First I turned back to working out.  I have always LOVED working out so it wasn't a stretch to jump back in, but it did take the mental effort to make time!  Some dread it but I actually look forward to running because when you get to a certain point your mind relaxes and feeling the pain of my muscles being pulled strangely makes me excited.  It is a relaxation to me and more than likely is because I like to do things that I can see results and working out is an instant gratification. 

I also got back to making sure that I was taking the time to eat clean.  This took more time and thought.  Right after I go grocery shopping I clean my fruit and prepare it so I just grab it on the way to meetings.  Thankfully I crave anything green and normally seek a salad out with a protein such as chicken, salmon or yellowfin tuna for lunch.  For dinner it varies, but I try and eat fish at least 3 times a week. 

If I was only a success in my company at the end of the day that wouldn't be enough because I would start falling apart in every other aspect of my life.  It feels so amazing to be attuned to my body again!  You just have to make the decision that you are worth the time. And you are! 

Thanks Bradley! Comment with your favorite ways to beat the stress!

XOXO -Darbie

Darbie Angell

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