Ways to Pamper Yourself this Fall

Ways to Pamper Yourself this Fall

It's fall time and something that I love to do is pamper myself... when I can find the time ;-)


I think it's something about the colder weather that makes me want to coop up in the house and give myself some "me" time!! 


So here are some of the things that I do in the Fall to pamper myself and give myself some time to RELAX while enjoying the cool weather!



1. Take a Relaxing Bath- Baths are MY favorite!! They are even better when its cooler outside... this is something that is GREAT to do to give some time to yourself and to relax your body, which is always needed!


2. Put on a Mask- I feel like face masks are good for the soul!!! I think that they just make you feel good inside and out and always make me feel like I am a whole new person when I put one on!



3. Spend time with your besties- Girls just LOVE girl time because its ALWAYS  a good way to refresh yourself from stress and just relax with your girls! 


4. Do your own mani pedi- This is something that is so fun and can really get you to wind down. You could also do this with your kids and maybe even have them try to do your nails so that y'all can have some time together, but still have some relaxation time!


5. SLEEP- This is simple and MOST important! This is the ultimate way to pamper yourself!! I feel like you can never have enough sleep and so I think that sometimes it is important to make sure you fit in a nap on certain days or even go to bed a couple hours early to help you catch up on that sleep that you KNOW you need!!



I hope that I can find times to do all of these things this fall and I hope you can too!! Pampering yourself and finding time for yourself is CRUCIAL to keeping yourself sane (in my opinion HAHA)!!


Let me know how your pampering goes :-)




Darbie Angell

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