Ways to find motivation (when you don't want to adult)

Sometimes when you zoom out of the large picture and think why is it important that I get this smaller task done you can see it at a higher vantage point on why you need to get it done.

Use all of the willpower you can to conquer those To Do's that are looming over you and giving you the most resistance first.  You will always get more done when you first start out in the morning so use it to your advantage.

It is so much easier once you stop giving yourself a way out of why you shouldn't tackle the issue right now.  Stop thinking about "How long will it take" "What if it doesnt turn out correctly" Once you acknowledge it you can conquer it! 

Next time that there is a task that comes up that you don't want to face pay attention what you tell yourself and then switch it up from "I can't do this" to "Ive got this".  Although it is a simple change you will be surprised after adopting this how your confidence will rise in the areas you feel weak in.

YEP!  Sure do :)  Your brain is wired to dismiss and avoid struggles so tell your self If I get X done then I will treat myself to Y.  

Darbie Angell

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