Want big change? This is how you start!!!

After visiting to see the factory in Bangladesh, I saw sights unimaginable to someone living in the modern world...

So many young girls were forced into forced abusive marriages or even worse, prostitution. Once I became aware of what was happening, I pushed harder than ever before. I wanted these girls to have a chance at leading their own lives. I wanted them to become fearless enough to dare to dream big!!

These girls deserve a chance, and that's exactly what I was doing through providing jobs for their mothers, education for the girls, and healthcare for their families.


That's why we stand for confidence, boldness and passion in all that we do! My team embodies this both on the local level and overseas!!! If we want to bring change to others, we have to be the change we want to see in ourselves. 

There's absolutely NO WAY you can expect to see change without acting on it first yourself! Just putting words out there isn't enough. There has to be plans and action that takes flight. Someone MUST be driving constantly to fight for that change.



And honestly? People aren't always opened to change. When I first started working in Bangladesh, the men wouldn't even SPEAK to me directly. I had to tell my brother everything I wanted to say so they could hear it from a man.

But I persisted!!! I kept fighting, and not through brute force, but by paving friendships I was able to break these barriers and in time call these same men my brothers. 


The heart and soul of my company revolves around these girls who are STRONG, CAPABLE, and BEAUTIFUL, and everything that I give to my company I do for those smiling girls, fighting for their futures.



Every piece of our line reflects our hearts and the hands that made it.


Journey with us, see far away lands, impact the women far and wide. And along the way, I can assure you that you will see smiles, and those smiles will transform from hopeful girls into AMAZINGLY strong women.






Darbie Angell

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