Wanderlust Consumes Me!!!

There's something absolutely entrancing about travel... Experiencing new places, meeting new people. It's bewildering!


I have this terrible habit of falling in love with every place I go to. Each one is so unique with its own character and mystery. I arrive with nothing but curiosity, and I leave longing for more. It leaves me with a sort of heart ache that doesn't leave the aftertaste of pain, but rather gratitude for the experience and hope to one day return. 


So naturally, Pinterest is basically deadly for people like me. 


While I was searching for a place to spend my intentionally long layover at, I began this Wanderlust Pinterest board, and y'all... I can't stop looking! 

Rebekah has to pry me off my computer so I won't impulsively book a trip to the Balkans! It's BAD!!!!


I figure maybe this thirst for travel is like getting a song stuck in my head. Once I sing it, it will come out. Right? Well. I hope the same goes for blogging because I really need to focus now!!


SOOOOO here's some of my favorite places from my Pinterest Board. I want to share them with you so I'm not the only one drooling over these beautiful places!



Not even sure where this one is but I do know that I want to dive in!



Greece is on my bucket list still! I've never been but I imagine you'd NEED a white dress to go!



Dreaming in pinks!



Really though! Doesn't this make you want to take a road trip through the Balkans?



Reaaallllly missing Italy now!



Hoping to make it to India sometime soon!


Glad I got that off my chest... Just hoping you won't catch the Wanderlust-bug too!


XOXO Darbie


Darbie Angell

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