Things that Bring Me Joy

It is so important to take care of yourself. I cannot stress that enough! If you aren't finding joy in your life, then you need to change something ASAP! 

Sometimes, it's hard. Even if your life normally brings you joy, we all have rainy days. The best medicine for that is smiles, laughter, and a reminder of why you got started. One way to spark those positive vibes back up is to think of your favorite things! Even if it is silly things like doorbells and sleigh-bells and schnitzel with noodle! 

Anyway, here's a list of things that bring me joy. Hopefully, my smiles will become your smiles, and you can brainstorm your list as a keepsake for a rainy day!


  1. Sunny day
  2. Candlelight nights
  3. A smile from a stranger
  4. My favorite song on the radio
  5. First cup of coffee in the morning
  6. Open top cars
  7. Cuddling on a rainy afternoon
  8. The first jump into the lake in the summer
  9. Handwritten notes
  10. Possibilities 


"I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!"

-the Sound of Music


Don't forget to smile! 

            XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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