The Hardest Thing About Being a Business Owner

"What is the hardest thing about owning a business?"

I've been asked this question countless times. And over the years, my answer has grown and changed with my business.

At first, the hardest thing was getting other people to believe in my brand the way I believed in it! I knew I had revolutionary, industry changing designs, but because I didn't have any contacts in the tabletop world at the time, it was hard to convince others to give me a chance. But with grit and determination, I called every single number I could, until I reached the CEO of Macy's. She obviously had heard about me, because I'll never forget her response, "You found me!". My perseverance impressed her so much that she gave us a small space on the Macy's floor. From there, we grew and grew - just like I knew we would!

Then, a few years later, I was traveling A TON. Jetting up to New York for meetings, flying across the world to check on our factories, and carting our business all over for tabletop markets across the country. The hardest thing became being away from my girls. As you know, I absolutely LOVE to travel. However, the time spent away from my lovely ladies was heart-breaking. BUT! I knew that the time would be short-lived. There were women elsewhere who needed me, and my fight for them was a fight for women everywhere. Though that season was difficult, it was outweighed by my desire to succeed, accomplish my dream, and show my girls how to pursue their own. I still love to and do travel all the time with my job! But now, I'm better able to balance my wanderlust bug with my momma role., the hardest thing is something I totally didn't expect! The hardest thing about owning a business now is making sure we succeed for all of the people who work with, support, and love the Darbie Angell brand. I love each individual on my team in Austin, New York, and Bangladesh more than I ever imagined I could. They are the wind beneath my wings, and I work harder and harder every single day to make sure they are as proud of this company as I am. Lastly, I work for YOU - for all of the people who buy our products or follow us on social media or even just see a promotion online. At first, this company was just about making my dream come true...but now, it's about making more than my dream come's about making my girl's dreams come true, my team member's dreams come true, my factory worker's dreams come true, and YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.

Thank goodness I have all of you around me, because I couldn't do it without you!!



Darbie Angell

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