The Daulatdia Orphanage

Travel is amazing... whew but... Travel with purpose leaves marks on you.

I can only describe them to you as whip marks. Marks that can never be erased from your memory. Marks that will forever change your heart. Those marks will separate you from most.

Most will never see pain or hardship like I have seen in the world, and that is why I keep going back. There are too many who need my legs to R I S E up until they find their own strength. Too many that need my V O I C E until they find their own.


Here's a story on one day in my life... The journey and the marks that you will see are real. Real in the lives of those who live it, and real as you see me as I try to build our girls up... knowing I have to leave them behind so that I can help push them forward.

Have you ever had that moment in your life when you just knew without a doubt that this is where you were meant to be. So extremely called that you just halted... literally stopped dead in your tracks, and just knew?!?

I have never in my life felt as strong of a calling as I did when I pulled up to the orphanage.


Our Safe House. The journey to get there wasn't easy in itself. Before the trip, I was told NO over and over again by the Bangladeshi government, because it wasn't safe to journey where I wanted to go. I was told no by my team on the ground in Bangladesh, but my heart kept saying you must. You MUST push forward and see these girls in need.

I had hired a team of Navy SEALs to make sure everyone came back alive. I pushed and asked them to please research this spot, and if they tell me we can't go, then we won't, but know that I feel extremely called to be there. After researching, they came back and said it will be a hard journey, but if that is where you want to be, then it will happen.

Where in the WORLD did I want to go so badly?!? The largest brothel in the world. And it exists in Bangladesh. I will open your eyes slightly to the world I know in this video.

You see, the brothel "services" 5k men a day... Who is there when they are being "serviced"??? My girls... my girls are laying in the rooms, and they are growing up thinking this is their future. I won't show you those images, but I'll show you how we each have the choice to change a dark and scary place into a bright and joyous future.

I get so EXTREMELY frustrated with people here in the USA. Friends that at the age of 30 couldn't even make a decision to change their lives, even if it meant that they would be saving themselves.

My girls in Bangladesh make these hard choices at the age of 5. Tell me that isn't strength! You see the girls in this video have made the choice at their ages to leave the only family that they know and come into our home. Our home gives them not only protection from their past, but also a beautiful home with their own beds in pink rooms. A home that offers them an education and a chance to

D A R E to D R E A M their biggest dreams!

The world spoke and told them "you can't," but they listened to me and heard "you must." My question to you is, who will you listen to?

When you fall on your journey towards your dreams, do you turn back?




When you seek change in the world, do you wait for someone else to make your vision happen, or do you rise to the occasion, and make your vision clear for all to see?

To those adventurers, entrepreneurs, and wild dreamers, I tell you YOU CAN make it happen! After the initial jump when you leave your comfort zone for the driver's seat of your own life, you'll find that you'll never want to look back. You've taken the reigns, and come hardships and mistakes, you'll realize somewhere along the journey that you have no regrets.

Beginning my journey was never going to be easy. Not many people have started a business with no connections and zero funding. Even fewer can say they did this in the hospital while on bed rest.

It wasn't easy. But I have zero regrets.


But, none of this would have happened if I had never started.


So again I ask, will you rise? Will you take the first step towards your vision? Will you stand up for your dreams? If you feel called to be a part of mine, I would love you to partner with us as we build a better life for these girls!!!

You can join us in supporting these young women in Daulatdia by giving to our GoFundMe page located here:


Every dollar raised goes straight to funding the Safe House and to giving these girls protection, a home, nourishment, and an education so that they can continue to D R E A M  B I G.

Thank you for your support and for impacting the world with us! W E M U S T!!



XOXO Darbie

Darbie Angell

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