Take Risks, Ladies!

Only 2% of women-owned businesses have scaled to 1m or above. SAD!  

Ladies I'm here to tell you we all fail and while it isn't an easy leap to take, it's the most amazing swim you will ever have! 

I was told yesterday that I needed to tread lightly because I was about to be swimming with sharks. Not sure what waters that he thinks I've been in for the last 9 years but it hasn't been with goldfish and we can handle ourselves just fine. 

You know what you are capable of and while your friends and family may not be there to hold your hand like you think that you need to make it through I'm here to tell you to jump in because the water feels great! 

The group of women in the water will always have your back and will be there to support you through the journey!


XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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