Surfing the Sand Dunes! Totally Recommend it!

I love soaking up life!  Every single bit of it :-) So when I travel I tend to make as many stops as I can to experience as many different cultures as I can!  

As you know I LOVE surfing on the lake so when I had heard I could go surfing in a car down sand dunes I was totally all over it.  I mean really...Surfing Down Sand Dunes going 80mph. The only real question is to squeal or not to squeal.  

I vote squeal :-)

I scheduled it to be around sunset which made it even better.  I am a sunset connoisseur of sorts you could say and I have to tell you while our sunsets in Austin Texas are something out of a dream there is absolutely nothing like a sunset in the desert! 



AHHHHH! While writing this I have already taken a look at Viator to see if there are any deals for my next sand surfing extravaganza :-) BOOKED! 





Darbie Angell

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