Summer Wedding Shopping Guide


First things first, I LOVE Summer weddings. The classic June Bride never goes out of style! The weather is warm, you can go sleeveless without regretting it, and the whole world just seems greener.

Attending weddings is great, but sometimes the prep work is a little more difficult, even for the guests! I mean think about it, you have to find something to wear, people to go with, clear your calendar, AND find that perfect wedding gift! That's a lot!!!!

I've been brainstorming up a list of gifts for the Summer Bride, and hopefully this can save y'all some time and effort so you can graze into Wedding season without any trouble!


Here we go!

Theses Emanuela Carratoni Pink Cutting Boards are kind of THE BOMB! Not only are they super cute, but they're also custom made with every order! You'll know that your gift is unique!

This is just too funny! When your party girlfriend gets married, make her think of the fun you've had and the fun yet to come with this Welcome Mat! It's clever and functional.



Okay, I'm kind of obsessed with this lamp. It's made of concrete! Isn't that neat?! Maybe get one for yourself while you're at it! 



This Acacia Lazy Susan is perfect for any tabletop! I love the colors of the wood. Once again, a very functional gift, and it's something the couple can use every day! That means they'll have to think of you every day! How sweet is that?



A Golden Ampersand! How fitting! It's a little symbol of love as well as a super chic item for their home. Love this!



Of course the new couple will need some flair for the table! Give it some bling with this 24kt. Athena Gold Teapot! It's more than a teapot, it's a centerpiece!



This pair of Pineapple Shot Glasses is simply too cute to pass up! It's trendy, friendly, and something the happy couple can actually USE!

Have a great Wedding season, and happy shopping! :)

     XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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