Summer Party Season

It's party season!! Summer time parties are the biggest hit at my house and so I've been searching far and wide for the best ideas to create the best party scene possible for this summer!!


I've basically been thinking that any sunny day there is, its a perfectly good reason to throw a party, right??

So lately its been all about being prepared for throwing that last minute party when the weather is right and friends and family are all together. 



Most of the time my summertime parties are usually a backyard bash where everyone is relaxing, enjoying the weather and enjoying the company. A popular spot this summer has been the picnic scene where you get to kick back with a glass of rosé on a warm summer night!! That sounds like my ideal summer night party :-)


Creating a welcoming, yet relaxed scene is when people are going to really enjoy a party, so making sure that you are relaxed and enjoying the time also is such an important factor into throwing a successful party!



Another important thing to throwing a good party is keeping the food and drinks pretty light, and easy to eat. You are most likely going to have some little kiddos running around and stopping for little bites of food so you want something that is light and easy to eat, so that there is no stopping the kids games! 


I think that anything grilled is the perfect dish to serve at a summertime party because you cant go wrong with some BBQ, especially if you're form Texas like me... You rarely come across someone who is against having a BBQ backyard bash every single night of summer!!


I hope that these few tips can help you plan your next summer party! Already seeing if I can get a party like this at my house this week!





Darbie Angell

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