Mother and Daughter Summer Bucket List in Austin!!!

Summer has just arrived for my girls and I, I started on my Summer Bucket List!!! YAY!!

This is something that I always look forward to doing every year because I LOVE finding fun things to do with my family, and also my girls love checking off the things that we end up doing!!

We LOVE anything that has to do with water, so that’s why almost half of the ideas on my list include some sort of water activities- also is a great cool down in this summer heat!

So here is part of my Summer Bucket List ideas that I have come up with so far, I can only hope that we can check all of these off to create some great summer memories!!

Summer Bucket List:

1. Go on Vacation

Experience far away places, see the world, explore!  YEP getting their passports started :-) There have been talks about beaches in far away destinations, factories and camels.  Who knows where will land!


2. Read a Book… or a few books

Currently reading The One Thing by Gary Keller. LOVE this book because of how incredibly honest it is about your daily habits and how you can improve your work by changing your approach. I feel like I am getting so much more done, it's like cleaning up your room for your brain!

3. Spa Day with my girls

Break out the nail polish and the face masks! My daughters love to make this DIY chocolate face mask. I'm not sure how much actually stay on their face versus how much ends up in their mouths!

4. Paddle Boarding on Lake Austin

This is such a fun way to get in your workout during those sizzling summer days! It's great core exercise and if you need to cool off, just take a dip in the water! 

5. Host a BBQ with friends and family

Sitting out by the grill watching the girls and their friends play is such a great way to feel like a good parent while lounging outside drinking iced tea and lemonade! Feeling fulfilled!

6. Lots of Austin lake days

Austin is SUCH a beautiful city, and my girls get pretty restless sitting around the house all day. SO we end up going downtown a lot. The girls love hiking, bringing our dog out to Zilker Park for walks, and going out on boat rides across the water!

7. Country concerts

Because you really can't live in Texas without country music! There are SOOOO many music venues in the Live Music Capital of the world that it's not even funny. The Broken Spoke is home to one of Austins numerous iconic country venues, great for dining, dancing, and music!



8. Movie day all day

Sometimes the heat becomes a little too much even for us, so after a long weekend of fun in the sun, nobody ever rejects an all-day Disney princess marathon!

9. Take a dip in Hamilton Pool

Not only is this place BEAUTIFUL, but there is also a really good sense of community at this place! Everyone is so friendly here, it's hard NOT to make a new friend :)


10. Spontaneous road trip

 Have you ever thought "I wish we could go see this!" but never had the time? Summer is HERE! Embrace it and make memories happen! Don't over think it, just GO!  


We've already done all of these and looking to make a new list...or just letting it happen is pretty awesome as well… especially vacation…. GET ME SOMEWHERE ON THE BEACH WITH A DRINK :-)

Also, the list of “things to do” in Austin are ENDLESS and even though I have lived here for years, I still haven’t done half of the adventurous things there are to do!! I am always trying to explore Austin’s greatest hits so that when I have family or friends in town I can take them to the BEST places!! So you can definitely catch me around Austin exploring this summer!

What are some things that you have on you Summer Bucket List?? I always love getting new ideas, especially things that are family friendly!! Leave me some ideas in the comments :-)

Darbie Angell

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