Sometimes you gotta learn things the hard way...

 Learning things the hard way isn't always fun, but that was how my business became what it is TODAY!!

SO I didn’t take a single business class in college and I actually didn’t graduate from college.  

SHHHHHH don’t tell anyone... That being said you can only imagine the lessons I might have had to learn along the way.  


One of the hardest lessons in the beginning was finding out that there wasn’t going to be anyone to hold my hand in this journey.  It was my dream… my baby if you will and I had to raise it by myself!!

MAN guys I’ve got to tell you it was hard coming to that realization. I had just thought everyone that I was close to would automatically love my baby. YA... Not the case.  



Now I don’t want to paint the picture wrong.  It isn’t that there wasn’t anyone to stand beside me. Thankfully, along the way there have been many who have come and sadly some leave, but we are all on our journeys in life and I feel beyond blessed that they joined me even if it was only for a bit. 



Learning that I was strong enough to chase my craziest dreams was both the hardest and most fulfilling lesson I could have ever been blessed with learning. Not only in business but in my personal life as well, I have learned that sometimes that hardest lessons that you have to learn are the ones that build the most strength in you after you push through! 


I now appreciate the hard times and I can acknowledge how the strength and courage that those hardships brought me and how it molded me into the person I am today, and also what my business is today. I could not be more proud to call Darbie Angell my company and my baby!!



Darbie Angell

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