Simple Habits You Should be doing to Stay Healthy in your 20's and Beyond!


Life can be a real butt-kicker sometimes, and it's easy to forget to take care of yourself mentally, and physically. I'm trying to up my health game by adding little things to my day that don't take away from work and family. There's this awesome article from My Domaine that explains little habits that go a long way as far as health goes. Here are some ideas! 

  1. Actually take time to take care of yourself! 

I know, time is scarce, and it may even feel a little selfish, but if you're not taking care of yourself, how can you effectively take care of others? Take a mental health day! Meditate, watch Netflix, do some baking, take a bath! Do something that will make you feel refreshed.



2. Take a Phone Vacation!

How many hundreds, if not thousands of times a day do you pull out your phone to check something? What could you be doing with that time? What if you replaced every impulsive phone-checking moment with a mindful thought, or you thought of something you're grateful for? Put your phone away, take a break from it. Enjoy your time apart from it. 


3. Really use your vacation days!

Workplaces love this concept of "martyrdom" where we slave away constantly without taking time off, despite the health consequences that may follow. Truth be told, constantly working away is probably less productive, because you don't get time to step back and clear your mind. Take a break for the better!



4. Wear Sunscreen!

I feel like we all know we should, but we don't want to acknowledge this commitment! Save your skin now! You'll appreciate it when you're getting old and your friends are all starting to wrinkle! And I know, it's just one more thing you have to do in the mornings. You can always save time by buying a foundation with sunscreen in it. Get your sunlight worry-free!



5. Eat your Veggies!

Your mom was right. Veggies are truly good for you because they help with focus, attention, and brain function. They also help you to keep your weight down! In your 20's, it's important to start good habits now so it's easier to maintain later. 



6. Watch what you drink-- Calories are sneaky!

We all love caffeine. Really. But all those sugar-y drinks add up! Hydration is hard to maintain with these sugar-filled caffeinated drinks. Refrain from these drinks by replacing them with plain water. I'm not saying give up coffee. Believe me, that's the last thing on my mind! Just remember to drink plain water too so you can keep yourself hydrated!



7. Eat MORE Fats!

Okay so I know everyone avoids eating fat because we're all working towards that swimsuit body, but some fats are necessary for keeping you hydrated, preventing joint pain, energy, and much more! It's okay to eat fat! Just in moderation.



8. Eat protein-rich breakfasts!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Don't forget that!!! Breakfast is what gets us up, and protein is what keeps us going. Don't feel bad for eating a heavy breakfast. You're less likely to snack later on if you eat a good breakfast early on! 



9. Relax, and Breath!

Constantly being in full-gear is bad for your body. Eventually, your body gets tired of stress and that's when you get tired even after sleeping for 10 hours. Breathing deeply can fight hormones your body makes in reaction to stress. Take deep breaths every once in awhile, and just relax.



10. Make Fitness part of your Life!

Fitness is super important. It makes your heart healthier, it keeps you at a healthy weight, it even makes you happier and more energetic! You don't have to run and lift weights. You can walk, hike, do yoga, or anything that involves getting your body moving. It's easiest to start a fitness regimen earlier in life because then you're more likely to retain the habit. Join a community that holds you liable for actually working out. Do something that is sustainable! Keep it going!





Stay healthy! Take care of yourself! 


         XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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