Show your Thanks to the People you LOVE!

It's the time of Thankfulness and my list goes on and on....

Y'all.... If I could tell you one thing about my life is that I am BLESSED beyond measure. Like wow... I have some of the BEST people surrounding me, supporting me, loving me and I often stop and think... what did I do to deserve all of this?!


I am beyond thankful for each and every one of the people who stand by me each and everyday. Wether they be friends and family standing beside me through life or its my tribe that work for my company that stand beside every crazy decision I make (which is quite often haha!) ... They are all AMAZING and I can definitely tell you that I do not thank them NEARLY enough for what all they do for me...



If I made a list of all the people I am thankful for... the list would probably never end!!! Seriously it goes from my children, to the guy at the coffee shop, to the intern I had 4 summers ago, to my right hand girl Rebekah, to the guy who works the desk at the airport... Almost each and every person I build a relationship with impact me and I am so incredibly grateful for that!



I have amazing people that boost me up when I am feeling down and also boost me up when I felt like I couldn't get any higher!!!! ;-) For my business... I am so lucky to not only have part of my team in my hometown- Austin, TX, but also part of my team in New York!!! And no matter where I am at the time, they ALL support me, encourage me, and love me!!! What more is there to ask for?!


My daughters.... oh my!! Of course my BIGGEST blessings BY FAR!!! They are what brighten up my day, EVERY DAY! I love seeing them in the mornings before I leave for work AND when I get home from a long day of meetings they are always in the best mood and so excited to have their mommy home!! Makes those long days feel like the best days! 


Let me just tell you... one of the best feelings is after being away in Bangladesh (so far from my babies) and coming home to the BIGGEST hugs and kisses from them!! Ahhhh I just want to be with them right now as I am writing this at work!! :-)


This is only touching the surface of what all I am thankful for and why I am the person I am and why my business is where it is at! I am surrounded by all the love you could ever need... Thankful and blessed FOR SURE!!!


Make sure that you realize who you are thankful for and go make them feel special today! 



Darbie Angell

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