Finding your Soul-Plates!

Hey! Happy Monday! So I was planning for a little cocktail party for some friends last weekend, and I was trying to pick out the right kind of dinnerware to suit the occasion. Picking out the right dinnerware is really important, because it sets the tone for the event!

You want to get exactly the right kind of set to reflect your personality, the event itself, how casual or formal your party is, and much more. That's a lot to deal with all at once! That's why I made this guide for finding the perfect set for you! Here we go!!!


For the Classy, Classical Hostess:

Athena 24kt. Gold Collection

The Athena 24kt Gold collection is a timeless design that adds grandeur to any event. These are perfect for weddings, bridal registries, and beyond!

Also check out the Athena Platinum Collection for the same classic design with a platinum twist!


For the Easy-Breezy-Beachy Hostess:

Lauderdale Collection

This blue breezy set is SO adaptable! Dress it down with a plain set-up, or dress it way up with tablecloths, flowers, and your favorite centerpiece! Its simple design with accented trims can be used in a thousand different ways, just like your favorite little black dress! 


For the Glamorous Hostess:

Monaco 24kt Gold Collection 

Shining, shimmering, sparkling! This fabulous set takes meals to the next level with a simple golden design. They're crazy shiny! Really! This is my go-to set for anything from cocktail parties to business luncheons. It instantly makes your guests feel like royalty with the Monaco Collection in front of them. 

And if gold isn't your thing, check out the same luxurious collection in Platinum!


 For the Modern-Chic Hostess:

Black Luxe Collection

This set is a classic design with a modern twist. This fine porcelain set features a jet-black band with platinum accents, making for an effortlessly chic table setting. What I love about these is that it goes with literally EVERY occasion! You'd find this on my table for anything from a Sunday brunch to a black-tie event. It's always a crowd pleaser!


For the Coastal Cocktail Loving Hostess:

Sea Glass Collection

These are my FAVORITE for Margarita night! With smooth glasses in every shape a hostess could want- old fashioned glasses, margarita glasses, and goblets, these serve as the PERFECT frame for any mixed drink. It's always five o'clock with these! ;)


For the Floral, Colorful Hostess:

Madison's April in New York Collection


This set ALWAYS gets compliments! The delicate design of cherry blossoms was actually inspired by Madison Park in New York. Madison Park was made in memory of the glowing 14-year-old Madison, who passed away from leukemia. Because of this, a portion of the proceeds from this set go towards funding research for pediatric cancer. Not only is the design sweet, but so is the story behind it! 


For the Cutesy Whimsical Hostess:

Black Pearl Collection

Add a touch of fun to dinner with platinum bordered black polka-dots! This is perfect for the whimsical, fun hostess! It really takes the edge off of stressful events when you come in and see something as cute as this sitting in front of you. 


For the Statement-Making Hostess:

My Muse Collection


This collection is not only great for your own centerpiece, but also makes a great gift for just about anyone! This stylish design is great for fruits, jewelry, and more. Put it on any surface to add a touch of glamor to your setup! 


For the Colorful Casual Hostess:

Vertigo Collection


Easypeasy color! Use these when you need that extra pop of color, or use them alone for a casual afternoon get-together. Pitchers, goblets, and cups can all be used to make a lovely set up indoors and outdoors. Just looking at these I can almost taste the pina coladas! 


For the Sunny Smiley Hostess:

Sunseeker Collection


Ahh, can't you feel the sunshine already? These are perfect for picnics with your hubby, or for sunny day meals. The gold trim around a bright, sunny design is completed with a touch of simplicity. My favorite thing to serve on these is a sweet, sugary summer lemon pastry! Bring on the sunshine! 



I hope that helped y'all to find your soul-plates ;)


        XOXO - Darbie



Darbie Angell

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