SCARIEST travel experience!!!

Oh the stories and experiences that I have had traveling go broad and wide... Here is my scariest travel experience!

OMG guys I can give you like my top ten scariest travel experiences…I mean how do I pick just one?!?! If you are with me for a day or two, you'll see that my life isn't normal at all and I somehow attract abnormal events lol….


Lizzy had just started working with me and traveled to NYC on her first day to do a photoshoot with me. After something happened, she said,

"Ummmm, you know that isn’t normal, don’t you?"

I looked at her and truthfully thought really….I mean this type of stuff happens on the hour to me. May need to talk to my business coach about that one later!



Okay, so if I had to choose just one experience, I am going to go with my first time on the ground in Bangladesh. Looking back on it, I cant believe that I went to the Middle East and then on to a 3rd World country as my first experience outside of the USA. That first trip showed me who I was more so than any other single experience in my life.  What my heart felt and my eyes saw would forever create these lasting pictures in my mind. 


Okay, but onto the scariest experience…This was about 5 years after 9/11.  Not that it isn’t now, but at that time it was still a pretty fresh wound.  So we had made this connecting flight from Bahrain to Dhaka.  We were sitting in first class and my dad and brother were sitting beside me. I glanced out the window to see the most vibrant sunrise I have ever seen. While sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous in Texas, I still hadn't seen one as beautiful as the ones in the desert!  It is almost like the pinks reflect onto the sand making it an even more vibrant show!!!


So, in first class with us were 4 men dressed fully in their native garb. While now I am most comfortable being submersed in the cultures in the Middle East, at that time it was my first experience and OMG … I was just ever so slightly straining to feel at ease in my surroundings. So after glancing out the window and seeing the sunrise, I went to turn and tell them to look out the window. But before the words could come out of my mouth, the 4 men literally leapt from their seats and started yelling in Bangladeshi and running towards the back of the plane. 




OK, I mean really! So, I thought to myself, this is absolutely how I am going to die. Without a doubt. That being said, I wasn’t willing to let anyone know how terrified I was. I mean, if I am going down, I can’t let them know that they were terrifying me. SO, I sat with my hands in between my legs, and what they couldn’t see was the finger nail marks I was leaving on myself just to sit still. Flashes of the most amazing memories were flooding my thoughts. It was like a slideshow. I had pictures of my daughter, memories of vacations, and times spent with my family that kept running through my mind.  Those pictures stopped as soon as I heard the men start making their way running back up the plane.  


My thoughts switched to why in the world is the flight attendants not coming out to tell them to sit down.  Were they as terrified as I was? The only question now was how was it going to end. Would they take control of the plane…would they kill us before they took over? They ran back to the back of the plane again still chanting.  As they turned back around, I realized I had this most incredible sense of peace suddenly cover me. It was such an amazing feeling, and it is so hard to put into words. I realized that I felt that feeling because of the way I had lived my life. I lived so full. It was the best version that I had ever lived.  




SO, that brings me to the end of the story. Obviously I am still alive! Yippee for that! When the men arrived back at the front of the plane, they threw open the bins above my seat and started throwing down bags on the floor.  So this was it...I thought. I took a glance back out the window while they were chanting and now throwing things out of their bags onto the floor.  


Then it all made sense… well, as much as it could at that time.  They started kneeling and chanting right beside us. It was the call to prayer and they were yelling at the rest of the plane because there weren’t any other Muslims that were preparing to participate.  The 4 men were the equivalent to our high priest here in the USA. 



So...that was my first jolting experience while traveling. There were many more on that first trip alone.

Stay tuned for more crazy stories soon!!!



Darbie Angell

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