Reykjavik, Iceland Itinerary

Iceland is one of those areas where it isn't really the first place that comes to mind on the topic of travel, but it DEFINITELY should be!!!!


Some of my favorite travel bloggers have been posting pictures of what they're doing in Iceland and I have never been so jealous!!!!

SOOOO I did the normal thing to do and impulsively booked a trip there during one of my layovers... That is normal, right?! 


Ready or not, Reykjavik here I come!!!!!


Day 1:

Arrive at Keflavík International Airport

Head to Stekkjarkotcto view 1800s farmer's houses built into the ground



Walk along the ocean to Viking World Museum

Uber to Ion City Hotel, drop off bags at suite



Visit the Hallgrimkirkja cathedral!!!



Head to Kol Restaurant for fresh seafood!

Visit the Einar Jonsson Sculpture Museum 

See the Leifur Eiriksson Statue

Catch a bus down to Austurstræti for shopping, strolling and more cafes! 

Buy some pastries for a picnic on Austurvollur park :)

    *Te & Kaffi is supposed to be the best chain of cafes in Iceland for little snacks!

Head back to the hotel for the night!


Day 2: 

To Braud & Co for breakfast

Go to the Reykjavik Museum of Photography



Go to the harbor for a stroll!

Eat lunch at Kaffivaginn

Say goodbyes and head to airport!



I am getting WAAAAAAAAAY excited about this trip! Already planning out what to wear in my head. 

Still taking suggestions! Tell me where your favorite places are in Reykjavik!!!

XOXO Darbie

Darbie Angell

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