Police Escort, Commandeering a Ferry -- No Big Deal!

What does a police escort with rifles, commandeering a ferry for our private vessel, and just a normal girl next door from America have in common??? Welcome to my world! Ill do just about anything to make a bigger impact in the world through my company and I'm blessed to be surrounded by a team that feels the same.

Before I set out on our last trip to Bangladesh I told Sonny I wanted not only to go to the slums but to the largest brothel in the world. I was so worried he would tell me I shouldn't go. Instead he said if thats where you want to go then we are going. 💃🏼 OK...slightly easier than I was expecting...So while that was the answer I was hoping for I pushed back...I told him how unsafe the journey would be and my concern that I was leading the team into a place that I had been told was extremely unsafe and by no means should we be entering.

So upon researching he agreed it was unsafe but said we could pull it off. My goal was to get to our youngest girls and see them in person. They were living right in the middle of it all. I am beyond blessed that not only Sonny and Brian but the whole team Nadus Films the Bangladeshi police and my wing-woman, Rebekah got on board! Never questioned where I was leading them and were as excited as I was to make the 4 hour drive and 1 hour ferry ride each way just to get there and see our girls.

People tell me about their everyday stresses and while they are real and I do feel for them I have seen a grief and pain in so many and yet they push through with joy. Strength can only come from stress and failure. Get your booty up. Push through. If you want a great story you need to be willing to build those muscles.

Who's up for commandeering a Ferry with me? 🚢


Darbie Angell

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