Phone Backgrounds to keep Yourself Inspired!

Chocolate is a blessing and a curse.


It's SO good but all these free French chocolates sitting around at conference tables are getting to me!!! One of my goals for this year was to eat healthy but I keep eating them!!! EEEK!

Finally, I decided to make a phone background that will keep me accountable and remind me NOT to eat all those chocolates... I can't believe I had to do this but it's really working! Every time I open my phone, it's a little reminder to myself to stop!


Honestly, this has worked so well for me that I wanted to share a few of my designs with you to keep you inspired and on top of it for 2019!!


Here's mine right now:



Feel free-- ENCOURAGED to tap and save these images to use on your phone too :)


Here's a few more ideas!







Let me know if you come up with other inspirational quotes so we can share them and build up one another as a community of empowered women!!


2019 HERE WE GO!!!!



Darbie Angell

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