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SO I got to meet total boss lady and author Rachel Hollis! For those of you who don't know her, she is incredibly inspirational, and she comes from a story very similar to mine. She is also a working mother, and her passion is to inspire other moms to embrace their dream while raising a family. I LOVE her podcasts, and her (many) books out there, and you should totally check it out too!!!

She is so much fun, and we got to laugh bond over our stories as mom-trepreneurs on her podcast! For all you dreamers, mothers, lady bosses, and women in business (or soon to be), I would recommend listening to this podcast for inspiration, and a good laugh along the way! 


Anyway, here's our podcast on starting a business from nothing:



Or try the link: 


I hope you enjoy it! 



Darbie Angell

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