Newlywed Tip Jar ft. Personal Creations!

Some of the BEST souvenirs from your wedding night are personalized handwritten notes. Of course you'll hold on to your wooden spoon collection from your dear aunt, but it's also nice to have words to cling to from the people you love most!!

That's why LOVE this idea from Personal Creations to diy a jar for guests to write out notes for you and your hubby! Here's Personal Creations with their creative idea :)


Once your special day is over and you are beginning your journey as newlyweds, taking a look back on great memories from your day can be so much fun! During the wedding planning process, you and your fiancé will most likely incorporate a guest book for the reception. A unique alternative to a traditional guest book is a newlywed tip jar for guests to fill out. This will be filled with special tips and tricks from your loved ones on everything there is to know about marriage.

From words of wisdom to date night tips, these special sentiments provide advice for a lifetime! Print Personal Creations' newlywed tips and provide a decorated jar to accompany them. The day of your wedding, place the jar and printables side-by-side with a few pens. Your guests can now fill out their tips for the two of you. The tips range from first-year tips, date night tips, to good old married life tips. This is a great way to remember your special day and get some marriage advice from loved ones!



Send me pics if you try it out! And share your favorite snippets of advice :-)




Darbie Angell

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