My Favorite Wedding Movies!

OKAY! So after a crazy busy day, I love a good movie. I am a total sucker for chick flicks, rom coms, and anything wedding! 

Some of my favorite movies are about weddings, because there's just so much that can happen! Family goes crazy, Brides lose their minds, Friendships are tested and strengthened, everything gets turned upside down! It kind of makes my life feel organized after watching some of these wedding catastrophes in movies! 

Anyway, whether you're looking for some entertainment for a bachelorette party, or you're relaxing by yourself with a bottle of wine and some netflix, here are a few GREAT wedding movies to get you started!


1. Maid of Honor 

If you love cheesy romance, Scotland, New York, and sweet stories, this is THE movie for you. It's about a millionaire who falls in love with his best friend, just to find out that she is engaged to a Scottish man she JUST MET. And to make matters worse, she asks him to be her Maid of Honor! It's SO cute and SO funny! 


2. Rachel Getting Married 

This one is a bit more serious, but it has angry Anne Hathaway in it. Who doesn't love that?! Her character had been in and out of rehab for the past 10 years, then she's let out to go to her posh sister's wedding. It's full of surprises! It is R rated, so keep the kids out! 


3. 27 Dresses 

YAS! This one is SOOO cute. It's one of those "Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride" situations for Jane Nichols until her sister gets engaged to her long-time crush! Jane was a MOH for 27 weddings, and can MOH like a pro! My favorite part is just seeing all the crazy things she wore for each wedding! It's a whole lot of fun :)


5. Mama Mia! 

This is a CLASSIC! It's a musical about Bride-to-be, Sophie, looking through her single mother's diary to find her birth father. She can't figure out which man is really her dad, so she invites three men to her wedding! Before her wedding, she  bonds with each "Prospective Dad" trying to find the truth. WARNING: The songs are super catchy, and you'll be singing them for weeks! 


6. The Proposal 

This is a funny one! Margaret Tate is an executive editor in chief from Canada and is about to get deported because she overstepped her bounds on her visa! She convinces her assistant to marry her by offering him a major promotion. Her assistant, Andrew, is a family man though, so he takes her back to his childhood home to get married. It's SO funny to watch what happens when the fake couple meet a true, loving family. Also, BETTY WHITE IS IN THIS MOVIE! LAHV!


7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

Anyone with a big family presence will TOTALLY relate to this one! 30-year-old Toula breaks out from her family's grip and falls in love, then her family finds out she wants to marry a man who isn't Greek. Watch all the family shenanigans go down as the Wedding approaches! It's KILLER! 


8. Bridesmaids 

OKAY. THIS MOVIE is actually THE BEST! This is SO funny!!! It's about single Annie Walker, whose childhood best friend gets engaged and suddenly feels like she's being replaced by one of her friend's other bridesmaids. It's the ULTIMATE chick flick for any gathering!

I hope this helped and that your movie night is AWESOME!


       XOXO - Darbie



Darbie Angell

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