Mood Board: Black Luxe


So the Black Luxe Collection is SO chic and I just love the classic look with a modern twist. I can use this year round because of this! 

I absolutely love mixing it with bright fruits and blackberries for a bold contrast. Filling a Black Luxe saucer with blackberries is a perfect way to create a fabulous and functional centerpiece before meals. Just watch out, they might not last long! 

Also, I LOVE jumpsuits. It's an addiction of mine! I love the elegance of this Jill Jill Stuart Jumpsuit from Macy's. It's perfect for entertaining because it's low maintenance, but it sets the standards high. 

To maintain the modern vibes, I paired the jumpsuit with this Stuff Watch Clock by Andrew Neyer. I like to balance femininity from the jumpsuit with the masculinity of the oversized watch. 

And of course, Kendra Scott earrings to top off the look! Every modern girl needs a little Kendra Scott to complete her outfit! 

Lastly, I chose a sleek bar cart to make the night complete! Bar carts are one of my favorite things to set up before dinner parties. They're stylish, usable, time-savers, and unique to the host! I chose this Avalon Black Bar Cart to top it all off. With some white placemats, it goes great with a bottle of Rose and a trey of wine flutes. 





I hope this inspired you for your next event! Enjoy!

           XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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