Man Crush Monday- More like Man Crush Everyday!!

O.M.G guys it's man crush Monday! I'm so excited to introduce you to Lester! The first time we went out together it felt like I was going out with a celebrity. After about five minutes I couldn't contain myself and told him he was like my Matthew McConaughey. He said if you call me your George Clooney I'll stick by your side. Love my George 😊

He was the Vice Chairman of Bloomingdales until Terry Lundgren persuaded him to do a stint at Macy's and then became the CEO of Lenox. He just recently retired but is still on numerous boards. Retired life looks good on him right??? :)

To watch him speak and move a room is a true treat! He is filled with not only charisma that can light the room on fire but also exudes class and charm.

Lesson today- take time to learn from others. It's great to have the grit that it takes to pave your own way but if there are those with knowledge that are willing to come in, I recommend embracing it. ❣️ #MCM

Darbie Angell

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