Man Crush Monday-Meet Emery!

OK we have been doing Woman Crush Wednesdays for a few weeks and after getting messages from girls saying y'all want me to introduce men that are inspiring as well I decided yall were right!  Here's the first Man Crush Monday! Sorry ladies this one is taken but I promise next week to introduce you to someone that isn't. 
Meet Emery ...aka as the shoe fanatic and donut connoisseur... and that is exactly why we are friends. Well 2 of the reasons :)
I have to brag on Emery!  He is the VP of Omnichannel at Samsung and just made a huge move but I'll let him tell you more so that I don't steal that from him. Even more than that he is an amazing Christian man with a heart to help others!
I feel blessed to have found such a kindered spirit!  I love surrounding myself with people that live life full and will be in your corner to push you to become stronger as well. It's refreshing to see he hasn't forgetten where he came from. He literally created this life for himself. It wasn't handed to him in the least and that is truly inspiring knowing the hard road he walked and even more inspiring the fact he kept his humble heart as he conquered his dreams.  It's contagious guys!  If you aren't surrounded with people that are checking in and pushing you they aren't the right people! 
I hope you will be inspired by his success and his heart! 
#NothingWillWorkUnlessYouDo  #FriendsThatInspire #MCM 

Darbie Angell

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