Man Crush DAY!!

Ok there may be a lot of reasons to be happy today but mainly because its Man Crush DAY! I'm so excited to introduce you to Bryan Gardner! We were at Martha Stewart's party in this picture and as you can tell by our smiles we were living it up. Its basically impossible NOT to when Martha is involved! 
The first time I met him we were doing a walk through the prop room at Martha Stewart's office with Naomi de Manana and went into a shoot that was about to take place and who else was doing it but Martha Stewart's HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Bryan Gardner.

He literally worked his way up from a low role to being who they relied on! Tell me that isn't drive! If you can't tell, we like drive around here 😊 •

So many times people ask Who does your photography!? They ask as if I am totally not capable of creating this greatness...OK OK I am NOT!! 😂 So this is the guy responsible for most of our pictures and I have got to tell you...if you only knew what went into getting a shot. IT'S INSANE! The first time we did a shoot I had probably a good 30 shots (ok probably more like 50) and when I showed him the list he didn't smile and there wasn't really any laughing either... BUT after the 1st pic taking around 2 hours I saw the detail and passion that goes into EACH shot. A full day of shooting from 8 till 7 is typical and the attention to detail never fades! 
Besides being our extremely talented photographer he is a great friend that I look forward to either decompressing over a beer and Hellboy pizza at Paul Gee's in Brooklyn or at the the Porchlight where we sip on freshly made Orange Sodas and talk about our dogs.

So blessed by you Bryan! Thank you for looking at each photo with just as much detail for me as you have done for Martha! I am so BLESSED! 
XOXO ~Darbie

Darbie Angell

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