Lifestyle of a Business Boss

An editor just called and told me to describe myself and my lifestyle....hummmmmmmm.... how to put into words how I feel about this most amazing life.... Just a girl filled with Tenacity, Passion, Colorful Confidence and a lot of Wanderlust. Oh and STYLE. We have to do it all looking stylish! 


I surround myself with “A” level people. I am a strong believer in mentor/mentee relationships and love to mentor others who are just starting to build their businesses.

I tell them to “recognize that it is their dream, not anyone’s else’s, and you cannot expect anyone else to be as excited as you are as you build your dreams” You must face every obstacle as ‘I will get through this and it will only make me stronger’, but never lose site of the goal.

Be fearless today 

Darbie Angell

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