Life of a Design

Making an idea into a tangible reality is kind of a crazy thing if you think about it. Just a vision that pops into your head has to go through SO much to make it onto your table! 


So many people ask how we make the magic happen, so I wanted to give you a glimpse into the life of a design :-) 





Any creative process begins with an idea. An inspiration that takes your breath away and lights your soul on fire with that vision. 

For me, I get most of my inspiration from travel... the people I meet, the places I see, and the crazy experiences I have! There's something about being on an airplane that ignites this bizarre feeling of longing for more, and capturing the beauty I see abroad in a design makes me feel like I can fully own the experience. 


An example of this is the Bangladeshi sunsets. I saw this on the roof of my hotel in Dhaka, and I stopped in my tracks... It was absolutely mesmerizing, you could get lost staring at it for hours.

Then suddenly it hit me, that's my design. I snapped this picture of it, then made a sketch of it. 




Drawing and Adaption


When I got home, we broke out the watercolors to make it look the way I envisioned it, then Vita made it into a virtual design. This woman is SO talented, you have no idea how lucky we are to have her!!!!




From there, we adapt it so that it can be used on various dinnerware sets



Once it's made and approved, we send it off to the factory where they make their first molds and decals with the designs on them. 



The women there make every piece by hand too! It's AMAZING to watch every bit of the process from the spinning wheel, to the painting and decal application, to firing the products!!! 

I mean seriously, they are true artisans! I tried doing a few and they kept correcting me because I couldn't do it to their precision... How AWESOME are they????



When the first firings are done, I try my best to be in Bangladesh to see exactly how it turned out. If not, then it is shipped overseas and I wake up to a special package stuffed with pieces from my heart in it!



If it's approved, then we keep the molds and start production!!! The women make hundreds of beautiful pieces of art, and they're sent to our warehouses in the US, waiting to be chosen and brought to your table. 



Okay, so obviously there is a LOTTTTT of little details and waiting around for international shipping, customs, and production time, but after a few months of sitting on the edge of our seats, VOILA! It's done, and I can't be happier.


Hope you learned a thing or two from this crazy process! It's absolutely worth it and I'd do it all over again for any piece of inspiration I see... Oh wait, that's right! I DO do it all over again... Almost monthly!!!! LOL

But what can I say? I see the beautiful smiles of my ladies in Bangladesh and the pieces of art they create with me, and honestly... Life can't get much better.



Darbie Angell

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