Kelly Wynne's Portrait of a Boss Lady!


So my entrepreneurial journey has led me to another fantastic friendship! Introducing the one and only, KELLY WYNNE! This lady is a total KILLER in business. She lives fearlessly and embraces her passion without hesitation. She has her own line of designer handbags that y'all should totally check out! I absolutely adore them! 

Kelly started up her own Youtube series called Portrait of a Boss Lady, and she interviewed me for episode 3! I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to be on her Youtube series and I am so excited to share what it means to be a boss lady with the world. Sharing your story is such an important part of entrepreneurial life, because somewhere out there, there is a woman just like you with passion in her heart and an idea in her mind. She needs you to share your story so she can find the inspiration to take her dream and make it a reality. 

SO here's a little window into my story! I hope y'all enjoy it!




Dare to Wynne ;) 


         XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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