It's one of my FAVORITE WEEKS- New York Fashion Week!!!

One of the BEST Weeks of All Time is NOW... New York Fashion Week!!


Now 2 things that you NEED or maybe already know about me is that I LOVE fashion and I LOVE New York... so I'm sure you could imagine how excited I am that this week is finally here!!!! EEEEPPP!!!





One of the things that sparked my love for New York is the fact that half of my business is in NYC!!! I get to travel up there often to be able to see a lot of my team and also to work on new designs... Besides the fact that I have to leave my sweet daughters here in Texas, I love going there for business!! NYC is NEVER boring, so I always am experiencing a new adventure and always eating GREAT food :-)


Also... I loveeeee fashion! I love putting together outfits, figuring out whats new and in style, I love statement jewelry from my favorite designer Kendra Scott and also shopping!! Now, the time I get to spend shopping is very limited with all the traveling I do, and when I'm not traveling I am working at home with my ATX team! But, trust me, if I can't find time to shop in store, you can bet I'll be shopping online at my favorite stores!!


So since you now know why I love New York and why I love fashion, you can see why I love New York Fashion Week!!



I absolutely love seeing all the high end fashion designers putting together the most extravagant shows that blow your mind!!! I know seeing and hearing their passion behind their work and why they love what they do. You can see their hard work come out as you see all of the beautiful models work the runway!!


If only I could be in New York right now watching all of the shows... in my dreams!!!!! I'll just be here, looking at all the pictures and watching from my house! The good thing is, I've shared the love with my girls, and so we enjoy watching and seeing all the fashion together :-) 



So, if you need me this week, you'll know what I'll be doing... checking out the newest high fashion and drooling over all the amazing designs that the incredible designers make!!


Let me know if the comments if you're watching New York Fashion Week too!! Tell me your favorite designer or why you love it!! :-)



Darbie Angell

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