It's Back-to-School Time!

I am so sad to say it, but someone has to...Summer is coming to an end!!!


That means, it's almost time for school again. No more midday play-dates with the kids or swimming until our fingers get pruney. It’s time for back to school shopping, helping out with homework, and calling friends to carpool to and from school.

My girls can get nervous for their first day back to school. The first day of anything can be hard!! But, I tell them the same thing I tell myself (and now you!) every time I step into a "first" - I think of it as an opportunity for a new and exciting adventure, and we get to be a part of it!!


But, in the midst of the gitty feelings and nervous excitement, we still have to get prepared to take on the new year. So here are some things that will help your family get ready for the first day of school!


  1. Pick out outfits the night before

... Or week before if you're like us!

Some people wait until the morning to pick out their outfit before work or school. I, of course, love fashion, so I've always been the type to set out my outfits way ahead of time! But, I've started doing it with the girls, and it's turned into the most fun back-to-school tradition! We make it a little fashion show of all of their clothes, and then we pick out our favorite for day one!


  1. Set your Alarm!

Make sure to set your alarm the night before so that you can wake up on time! I always like to wake up at least 30 minutes  before the rest of the family, because it gives me little time to myself to set my mind and heart before the day gets moving. 


  1. Make sure everyone eats breakfast

As the old saying goes...Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but especially on the first day of school! Having breakfast in the morning allows your family time together before rushing off to school. Plus, it makes sure everyone is on time and ready to go. Arriving with plenty of time takes the edge off things so your kids can focus on learning and having fun with their friends! 


  1. Make sure everyone has F U N

Yes, it's the first day of school, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! On the way to the school, play some music and sing along! Make your kids laugh a little before they start school again. I've always believed that the key to having a good day is to walk into it with confidence and a smile that’s so bright other people can’t help but smile too when they see it.


  1. Encourage your kids and encourage yourself

No matter what happens that first day of school, there is a whole bright new year ahead. That first day is just the beginning, so look forward to all that's to come! Whether it was a stressful day or a seamless day, we can always learn from it! So be encouraged - this is just the start of something new!!




Darbie Angell

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