Ice Cream Social Tools and Tips


Summer is s close that you can taste it! Really! 

That's because this warm weather is the best time for ice cream. Don't you think so? 

I am PUMPED for my next ice cream social. Good food and good people! Can it get any better than that?


So how DO you set up for an ice cream social? What can you do to make an afternoon out of it? I'm here to help you! Here's some of my ideas and tricks for hosting an ice cream social! 


1. Choose your Ice Cream wisely

So there's probably hundreds of different kinds of ice cream out there. There's American ice cream, sorbets, gelato, frozen yogurt, popsicles, and much more! Then there's even more FLAVORS of each kind. 

If you're feeling confident, you can even look up a way to make your own ice cream too! Nothing beats a homemade recipe made with love! :)

With that said, where do you start?! Think of your crowd. Are you serving families with kids? Think traditional! Are you trying to impress your friends with something a little more upscale? Try sorbets! When it comes to the type of ice cream, think about your guests and how you want your event to be portrayed. 

Now what about flavors? If you know what your guests like, then that's a no-brainer. If you have a larger crowd, then try and muster up an ice cream bar fit to serve diverse palettes. You can NEVER go wrong with the originals: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. But if you want accented flavors, try lemon, coffee, and mint! Those are simple, sweet, and great for ice cream bars because they fit many toppings well. 

So general rule of thumb: think like your guests, and stick with simple flavors that can be personalized by each guest! 


2. Pick out your Glassware

This will vary a lot between one social to the next. If it's a casual gathering, it's totally fine to use disposable bowls and spoons. If you're trying to take things to the next level, look into some glassware. Martini glasses double as great sorbet bowls. 

Giving your guests deeper bowls or cups also creates opportunity for floats, which instantly adds more fun! 

Brownie points if you use old fashioned banana split glasses!


3. Get your Toppings Ready!

This is the fun part! Play with toppings that fit your chosen flavors. Some ideas are bananas, chocolate shavings, almonds, sprinkles, fudge, cookies, graham crackers, brownie bits, candies, butterscotch, and of course whipped cream. 

The toppings can really add to the mood of your social. To have a mature ice cream social, consider mint leaves for garnish, Dutch chocolate, and coffee beans. 

Adults can have ice cream too! 


4. Get your labels out!

Keep communication clear and simple with labels! You can add some character by choosing your medium wisely. Hand lettering is ALWAYS cute and trendy. If you're not into that, scrabble tiles and printed labels work fine.

Label the flavors and the toppings. This also helps out guests with allergies! That's always something any hostess would want to communicate! 

Cute toppers are available at most supermarkets and party stores.

Make labels fun! Choose your favorite medium!


5. The Presentation!

So now you've got everything together, but how do you set it up? 

If you're doing an ice cream bar, set up in an area that's easy to access. Make it cute too with table cloths, or use a nice area on a table, countertop, or even a bar cart for smaller gatherings. For more ideas on a bar cart, check out my post on it! 

This part can be a lot of fun! Enjoy it! If you're having fun staging it, your guests will have fun using it! 


Send us your ice cream social ideas! :)


      XOXO - Daribe



Darbie Angell

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