How to Use a French Press!

Alright so confession time...


My very first product I ever produced was actually a French Press. That's not the confession... The confession is that I sold them at Spec's!!!

But we made it work! Everything in life is about taking what you've got and making what you can of it. That's just what I did!


Though at the time I wasn't nearly as addicted to coffee as I am now, but I still loved to make a warm french press full of coffee in the mornings. A lot of people LOVE the idea of french presses and we're all happy to order one when we go out to coffee shops, but not many people know how. 


I wanted to share with you how I used my french press back in the day! 




Don't forget to serve in a cute cup :) My favorite is my Walk in The Park Travel Mug! :-)






Darbie Angell

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