How to Survive Black Friday

Okay. Here we go again.

Let's be serious for a second. Black Friday can be terrifying. The thought of quite literally fighting crowds and rushing through stores just to snag a few good sales is not exactly comforting. But hey! It's practically a tradition now. It really can be exciting to get out there (and out of the post-Thanksgiving mess of a house) and to knock out your Christmas shopping. Let's try to keep it optimistic by preparing ourselves, and looking for the fun in it all! 


So. How exactly do you "prepare" for something like Black Friday? 

My family and I have a few things we like to do to get ready for everything. First things first, we get the kids together on Thanksgiving, and have them all write up their Christmas wish-lists. The circulars pile up on the table, and the kids come in and scribble down thoughts between their games, and the men make their lists during halftime of whatever Thanksgiving game is on. This way, there's no shock of realizing that we have no idea what to get someone the day of! 

Every family brings in an armload of circulars, so we can search for deals. Don't forget to look for deals online as well. Even though there's Cyber Monday coming up, it's always a good idea to get a leg up on the game and search for those few deals that bleed into Black Friday online.



Also, be sure to check out websites that find coupons for you. One of my favorite websites is Honey, which also has a Chrome extension that lights up when you're on a website that it has discounts for. It's really handy, and can save you a lot! 

Another thing to do for you savvy shoppers out there is to compare current prices and future prices on products to see how much you're really saving. One website that I found helpful is PriceGrabber, which compares a wide variety of prices on a specific product. The deals may look great on paper, but make sure you do your research to know how much you're really saving on those big buys!



If you are making any big investments this year, be sure to look into the return policies of products before you buy! You don't want to have your husband unwrap a malfunctioning present on Christmas day, and find out that the last day you could have taken it back was December 23rd! Check before you buy!

No matter how much research you do, there will always be surprises on Black Friday. Be prepared to have a little leeway in your budget for one of those spur-of-the-moment deals! Black Friday can be a beautiful thing! 


Oh, one last thing! Coffee. Bring lots of coffee. Make some before you go, grab some while you're out, and celebrate finishing up with even more. :-)



So there you have it! That's my game plan for Black Friday. Share your tips and Black Friday stories with us!


XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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