How to Prepare for a Photo shoot!

Here's to all you boss women out there who dare to dream big!

If you're an entrepreneur, a blogger, a fashionista, or all of the above, you're probably going to have a few photo shoots in the near future. It sounds like fun but when it comes down to planning all the details-- the outfits, the earrings, the venue, the vendors, the makeup, etc-- it can be a little overwhelming. 

Luckily, I had an AMAZING team working with me from Austin Woman Magazine during my latest shoot. Check out the end product here! They had my hair and makeup covered by the WONDERFUL Laura Martinez, the photographer skillfully chosen (thank you to the talented Keith Trigaci!!!) and the interview done by the fabulous Shelley Seale! I cannot thank these people enough for all their hard work on and off the scene! 

So luckily most of this shoot was organized by the Austin Woman team, but I wanted to share some of the things I learned from them with you! Here's a list of things to know to do ahead of time! 


1. Pick out the outfits with variety in mind!

And they KILLED it on this one! Just about everything was picked out from Nordstrom, and guys, these outfits were AMAZING! I have to show off a few of my favorite (which I may have actually kept for myself!)




Absolutely LOVED these sleeves! 


Totally cute earrings, but I am always going to be 100% loyal to Kendra Scott!



Loved this little bombshell!



I miss these the most! The velvet was SOOOO soft, and SOOOO pretty!


2. Scope out a venue with LOTS of differentiation in lighting, color, and mood.

This was really easy at Mattie's! We explored inside and outside, and found TONS of possibilities! Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to meet late morning, but luckily it was overcast and the light worked in our favor-- inside and out! 




3. Always be prepared for the unexpected!

I know that's a kind of funny statement, but it's true! Animals walk into the scene, trees suddenly look fun to climb, and all sorts of things you can never expect will happen! That's totally fine though if you learn to work with what you're given. Have fun with it! It's important to show your personality through these photos! 


4. Don't freak out!

This is WAY more easily said than done. Allow yourself to take a breath and go for it! Talk to your tribe, make yourself feel comfortable. Don't worry about how you'll look or what could go wrong. The most important thing is to have genuine fun when you're getting your picture taken! You'll look genuine if you are genuine. Not to mention, the prettiest smile is never a forced smile!



 5. Once again, HAVE FUN!

Freezing is terrible in the moment, and when your photos are publicized. Nobody wants a typical portrait of a person standing with a forced smile looking head on into the camera with their hands together. That's not fun for anyone! Smile, laugh, make jokes! Play with the scenery, interact with your environment! Not only will you have fun, but you'll also have some killer shots!



I hope you found this helpful, ladies! Good luck with yours! :-)




Darbie Angell

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