How to Picnic like a Pro!

The sun is back!!!

It's almost Spring and that means it's almost picnic season! Camille Styles has inspired me to take picnicking to the next level. Here are some little things you can do for your next day at the park to make an insta-worthy meal with family, friends, or that special someone :)


1. Snag a trendy throw or tapestry-style blanket

I'm loving this kantha throw! It makes sitting on the ground less of a "have to" and more of a "get to"


2. Choose a menu with variety

It's all about balance, make sure you get sweet and salty snacks to offset each other. Contrary to common belief, too much sweet can be a bad thing!

My favorite picnic foods are grapes and almonds with a great cheese spread. Read more about my secret to exciting cheese boards here!


3. Make it trendy with charcuterie boards

Who says cutting boards are just for meats? Give your picnic a shabby-chic vibe with a sweet cake on a rustic board. 


4. Play photographer!

Here are some quick tips for artsy pictures:

  • Take aerial pictures 
  • Mix hard and soft elements (round and square, light and dark and what not)
  • Mix textures like hard wood with fluffy blankets


5. Location location location!

Find a great spot with scenery that fits the mood of your picnic. Don't forget to think about noise levels and daylight! Those can make or break any outdoor adventure.


Send us pictures of your picnics! Bon appetit! 



Darbie Angell

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