How to: Make your Wedding Registry

Hey! So recently, we have partnered with MyRegistry, and ever since then, I have been thrown back into memories of registering for my own wedding! 

Let me just say, it was a wild ride. 

That giddy feeling of anticipating my wedding, and my whole life getting turned onto its head was crazy enough! Now throw in wedding planning, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and a million other little details! And the registration! EEEEK!!!!


Luckily, technology has changed drastically very recently for you new brides-to-be out there! 

There is almost an overwhelming amount of websites, programs, in-store-plans, and apps out there, but I really enjoyed the ease and organization of MyRegistry, simply because it is universal, so you can register for just about anything anywhere! 


SO. How do you begin your own registry?


Get signed up for a registry to begin your list. Once you tell all your guests how to reach you, it's time to build that list!!!


First, it's best to brainstorm basics. What household necessities do you and your fiance already own? Is it time to upgrade? Will you both be doing a lot more cooking and baking once the knot it tied? What about your new place? Are you upgrading to a larger kitchen? Start simple. If you need it, add it to your registry. 

Now that you've gotten the basics down, what about all those times you've thought, "Gee, it would would be nice if we had _____." This is one of the last times people will jump over opportunities to buy you big gifts. Most engaged couples don't go in with a whole lot of household items together. People understand, and to celebrate you coming together, they'll be more than happy to splurge on a big gift, knowing it will bring the couple joy. 

So, add that organic bamboo bed set to your registry! A little splurging never hurt every once in a while. 

Beyond that, sometimes there are things you don't think of! Here's a list of essentials to make sure you have covered before you wrap it up:



  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Mixing bowls
  • Serving dishes




  • Cookie sheets
  • Cake pan
  • Brownie pan
  • Measuring cups
  • cupcake tins

Kitchen tools 

  • Stirring Spoons
  • Whisks
  • Spatula
  • Cheese grater
  • Peelers
  • Tongs

Stand Mixer

Slow Cooker


Coffee pot

Tea kettle





Dish towels

Dish rack

Drying Mat

Cutting board


6-12 Place Settings

  • Dinner Plates
  • Salad Plates
  • Desert Plates
  • Forks/knives/spoons
  • Soup bowl
  • Noodle Bowl
  • Glasses



Formal Place Settings

Table Runner

Wine Glasses



Table Centerpieces

6-8 Coffee Mugs

Sugar/creamer for coffee lovers

Ice Cream Scoop*** Very Important ;)

Pizza Cutter

Salt and pepper shakers

Kitchen Towels

Tea Towels

Pie pan

Salad bowl

Serving Platter



Table Linens

Hand Towels

Bath Towels

Shower Curtains/Liners

Shower Curtain Rings

Trash Can


Lounge Blankets

Pillow Cases


Ironing Board



Mattress cover/pad

Pillow Shams

Vacuum Cleaner


Wall Decor

His and Her Robes



WOW that was a mouthful. But hey! These are all very necessary things to keep in mind when registering. The more you plan now, the less you'll stress later!


In addition, it can't hurt just to look around. You'll never know what might be stirred up in your mind by browsing through registry websites and in stores! 

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!

You're getting MARRIED to the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE! You are changing both your lives forever, and that is a BIG DEAL! Communicate with your significant other, and develop your sense of style and comfort as a couple. This can (and should) be a LOT of fun! 


Enjoy, and CONGRATS!!!!!



Darbie Angell

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