How to Host a Dinner Party in a Small Space



So here in Texas, this isn't much of a problem, but up in New York and up the East Coast, large spaces are hard to come by. When throwing a dinner party, you want enough space to allow your guests to bounce around and move comfortably through the room, and that can be challenging when your venue is modestly sized. 

But besides the restrictions, I do like the coziness of smaller spaces. It really brings people together because there's less space for people to wander away, or to become wallflowers. There are benefits in everything! 


Anyway, here's some tips on how to pull off a dinner party in a small space without restricting your guests or activities!


1. Use every space available

It's easy to forget about the end table in the corner of the room or to assume some spaces are hands-off decor-only areas. You might have to dust some cobwebs off that idea (literally or metaphorically), because these spaces are ideal for drink stations, party favors, and decorations for your gathering. Open your mind!



2. Think outside the Table

Not every dinner needs a table! That doesn't mean it has to be a full-on family night with pizza on the couch. I've seen people use ottomans and picnic blankets indoors to serve on. It's a little quirky, but if you get the right decor, you can make anything work!



3. Serve Buffet Style

It's a lot of work to shuffle through a crowd, especially if you're holding platters, pots, or red wine. Just thinking about the possibility of tripping is terrifying! That's why buffet style is the best method of serving in tight spaces. Let your guests do the picking and choosing, but ensure they have clear paths, and that there is only one plate to carry so they don't have to juggle dishes on their way to their seats. 




I hope these helped! Have a great party! 


      XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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