How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses


So one thing that's always a big struggle in wedding planning is finding just the right bridesmaids dresses. On one hand, you want something that fits your theme and adds elegance to the wedding without outshining the bride. On the other hand, you want something your bridesmaids will feel beautiful in, and maybe something they can keep to wear again (nobody wants to keep a closet full of unwearable dresses!) 

So how can you pick out the best bridesmaids dresses?



Here's my advice to you!


First things first, you need to see what will fit with your event. Think of your color scheme, your dress, the decorations and the setting. Really picture the moment and base the dresses off of that mental image. Do the colors complement each other? Does the style match? Think of the little things.


Second off, trendy bridesmaids dresses are great, but be careful! You'll be looking back at pictures of your special day for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Sure, the crop tops and tulle skirts look awesome now, but what will you think in 20 years? Think long term. Don't be like those 80's weddings where the girls' sleeves are twice the size of their heads. Save yourself! Be timeless!



Also, you're shopping for your girls, so naturally, you should bring them along! Their opinions are very important and you should take that into account for sure. If you have a larger wedding party, then maybe it would be best to bring just those closest to you, as it is easy to get overwhelmed by every different opinion. Shopping for dresses should be like a girls day out! Low stress, lots of collab work and LOTS of fun! :) 


Each lady will have her own personality, style, and body type, so it's important to be flexible and understanding of each beautifully unique bridesmaid. It may not be a one-dress-fits-all situation. A lot of brides are picking two dresses that complement each other and letting the bridesmaids pick. Another idea that I LOVE is picking out one color and one length, letting each bridesmaid pick out her own. This is a great way to go because you KNOW your bridesmaids will enjoy their dress. It will give your wedding more diversity and personality! Also, the bridesmaids are more likely to be able to reuse their dresses if they can personalize them. Flexibility is a must!



Another thing to keep in mind is that weddings are super hectic and picking out a bridesmaid dress is an easy detail to get bogged down in. Stick to simple when you're choosing your dresses. Simple cuts, designs and colors makes things a whole lot easier later on. The easiest thing to work with is a classically timeless dress that is one neutral color. This makes it harder to clash with the decor, background, buildings, etc. Simplicity makes life so much easier! 


 If you need more bridesmaid inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board too!

Good luck, and HAVE FUN! :)


          XOXO - Darbie




Darbie Angell

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