How to Find Inspiration and Turn It into Something Tangible

Everyone always asks me, "Where do you get your inspiration?".

And I always respond the same way...E V E R Y W H E R E !


Inspiration comes to me in both the biggest moments of life and in the smallest. Usually, it's a moment that I know will turn into a memory - those moments, the ones that bring some sort of emotion, whether it's peace or joy or hope, are the ones that I want to solidify into my brain for forever.

If it makes me think of something beautiful, then why not make something beautiful out of it!?!


That's what happened with one of our newest designs...I was sitting on a bench in Central Park with my rock star CMO, Lester, one morning in spring. We noticed the light dappling on the petals of these gorgeous hydrangeas. We both looked at each other and said, "we have to capture that in a design." Now, it's been brought to life as one of our newest collections "A Walk In The Park" soon to be in Bloomingdale's!



So, listen to me, you can find inspiration ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE as long as you look for it! Look for the beauty. Look for the emotion. And look for the moments that make you want to remember them.

And then DO IT!!!

You can do anything you want to do, so don't let fear of failing stop you. Go for it! Take what inspires you and make something inspiring, because the world needs what you've got!


And know that you have a whole tribe of women here supporting you along the way :-)






Darbie Angell

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