How to Cure Designers Block??? Schedule a Day Of Flights to be Alone, Eat Bacon Flavored Coconut & Find an Extrovert! :-)

Actually writing this out makes it sound slightly crazy but here we go!  So while I LOVE design and that is really why I started this company I really only design about 1% out of the year and it is structured so that the1% is a piece of February.  


WELLLLL.....that has worked year after year until this past year.  I was creating our first everyday patterns and I would sit for hours just trying to get my head around the direction I wanted to go.  Not sure what the design process and timeline looks like for most but for me I typically can pull a design together in 30 minutes so hours turning to days was just something that became so frustrating to me that it started causing more issues than it should have.  


So after telling Rebekah my issue and frustration with myself I told her just book me a flight to NYC and back so I can clear my head.  OK sounds CRAZY right!?!  I know I know...but I come up with some of my best ideas on planes or beaches and while I would have much rather tried it out on a beach the timing just wasn't there for that.  


So I got on the plane flew to NYC and made the mistake of connecting to my email which took up the whole flight working on day to day pieces.  I went to my flight to come home and it was delayed by 2 hours.  So I go get a snack and find the most amazing creation ever!!!! It is Bacon Flavored Coconut!!!  AMAZING right!?  OK I am sure you are thinking who would buy this...well at this point I would or should say did.  


I go sit down and this guy Will asks what I am eating and after small talk I find out he owns his own company called Oak Hall and as a fellow creative he understands design and is on point with trends.  I started talking to him about my designers block issue and he says well why don't you create a line that looks like rough pottery!!!  Ummmmm where were you for the past week and YES!  So then he ends up having the seat next to me on the plane...plane gets stuck on the tarmac for HOURS so basically over the course of the delay the collection was sketched out on a plane napkin. 

The edges were left irregular to make it not only replicate the Oak wood but also to give it the feeling that it was created on a potters wheel.  After several attempts we perfected the design and took it to Market.  We introduced it in a Robins Egg blue as well as a Sandy White. I left the handle off of the mug to make it current and to encourage it being used as a multi purpose glass.  The glaze on the plates reflect a slight freckling as well to make it a more organic collection.  

So the only thing left was it needed a name.  It was never a question.  Oak Hall as a thanks for crushing my designers block!  We launched it and immediately our buyer at Macy's said not only did they want it but LOVED it!  


Meet our Oak Hall :-)! 


Writing this sitting on a flight and YES I am designing an entire line that launches this year lol...Here we go!  

xoxo Darbie 


Darbie Angell

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