How NOT to be camera shy!

I can take a beating in a work day. I can deal with 80000000 things at once and perform CPR on myself while still fighting for something, go on TV for QVC, meet with CEOs from larger-than-life companies... but when it comes to taking a simple photo... I kind of wanted to melt into the ground the first few years.


It was bizarre!!!!


And SO many women that I meet who run their own companies, blogs and brands all tell me the exact same thing:


It's weird at first, but you have to be yourself and get used to it.


... EEK!!!!


I still get jitters every once in a while but I've been getting so much better since I started asking other women for advice! I wanted to share this with you because I know that you're a boss woman. You're intentionally reading about how to grow yourself into a stronger person, so I can tell you're driven. 

At some point somewhere in your career, someone's going to need to take your photo because let's be real, you're a gem. People want to see your beautiful face!!!


Work it girl!!!!!!!


SO let's talk about how to show off your personality!



Movement will make any lifestyle photo 8,000 times better. Get someone to talk to you and ask you questions throughout the shoot to make it more natural, as if they're just getting your attention and making you react... and the camera happened to flash.




Everyone can see through a "picture day smile." It feels fake and it takes away from your natural loveliness.

So don't set yourself up for a fake smile! Bring your best friend or someone who you know can make you laugh and feel comfortable. That way, you'll never have a fake smile! Maybe a few shots of you absolutely cracking up laughing, but that's MUCH better than a take full of statue-photos. 

Bonus points if you're actually laughing (If one of you falls into the mud that's a +)!!!



Interact with your environment

Touch flowers, adjust your hair, play with pockets.  Do you have a flowy dress? Show it off! Be playful!!!

This is SUCH a good way to fight the tendency to stand head on with your hands folded. During one shoot, they told me to hold on to a column in a banister, so I jumped up on the banister and kicked my feet and my whole team started cracking up! We all laughed together and you can really see that joy in the photo! If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!



Make silly faces!

Y'all. There are SO many dead-pan photos of people smiling at a camera. Don’t smile. I mean yes, do that too, but don't JUST smile.

Adding personality to your photos gives you the opportunity to share the character of your brand/blog/social media with people who are looking to RELATE to others. It's hard to relate when every photo of you is the same smile.

Be surprised, laugh, put on your BA face! Maybe get quirky or sassy even! Do what suits you best. If you make a silly face when you drop a punchline, don't hold back!!!!

Be yourself!!!



Get a DJ

Okay not really, but putting on music can make everyone on the set relax and set the mood for the photos! I love playing my workout playlist to get the party started! 



Don't forget, you've been being beautiful all your life. You're not going to forget how just because there's a camera in front of you :-)


You've got this!!!


XOXO Darbie




Darbie Angell

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